Here is where all our applications are developped individually for the different industries

Our prototyping centre is the core of our business and assures that we can test the different INKJET applications before handing them over to you. Your benefit: High-quality printing tests and production of small quantities to coordinate primer, ink and topcoat and to develop the engineering of the printing technology.

Our clients use our prototyping centre

to adapt chemicals, printing technology and design of their product


to manufacture prototypes and small quantities


to check the feasibility of the product


Always be a step ahead by using our prototyping centre!

Our service is unique worldwide. We act as an independent consulting company to develop a unique printing product. The result is an individual solution that meets your requirements in terms of abrasion and chemical durability).

– Chemical components for pre- printing and post- printing treatment
– sample prints
– tests of climate and UV conditions
– improvement of the print result
– defining suppliers for chemicals
– ready to print designs for different surfaces

We enable you to enter the market without large investments.

Do you want to test your INKJET solution before the actual launch on the market? Do you want to provide your sales team with high-quality samples?
We are happy to provide our beta/ small series service to test your product on the market.
Your benefit: Your client’s feedback is constantly improving the quality of the product.

FEASIBILITY STUDIES: To avoid non-profitable investments

Are you looking for inhancing your products? Do you want to test new decorative surface treatments?
We experienced a lot of unsuccessful product launches of our clients in the past because the feasibility was not tested properly. Take advantage of our expertise in INKJET printing and avoid non-profitable investments.


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